IT Startup – The Card Game!

A Kickstarter for our new stand-alone expansion “IT Startup – Office Lockdown” starts late April 2022!

You can take a look at the Kickstarter preview page and give us feedback be fore the KS launches late April 2022!


You can also join our prototype testers and the the new print & play prototype for free!


If you want to buy our older game version from 2020:

The card game for DEVs, HR and IT enthusiasts. 💾 

After selling over 4000 copies in Poland “IT Startup” had a successful Kickstarter and is now available in our online shop.

  • Play Developers to finish your project.
  • Raise your DEV’s efficiency with Knowledge Cards and watch out for burnout!
  • Sabotage your opponents with Action Cards and steal their developers with HR!

Quickstart Video Tutorial

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