Tournament Mode (IT Startup – The Card Game)

The rules are as follows:

  1. We need at least 3 players.
  2. The first game is played the same as in the standard “IT Startup – The Card Game” game mode.
  3. Instead of winning one game, repeat the game until one of the players wins 3 times (or 2 times if we want to shorten the playing time). This modifies each subsequent game, because the other players target the current leader (so that he does not win a second or third time) – now they have a greater incentive to sabotage them.
  4. The order of players in this mode matters. Initially, we randomize the order of players. Then we player with with the most wins is always the last one.
  5. After each game, the losers will receive a one-time “help token”: it can be used to additionally activate the “Help” effect of their cards for during their turns (even if the “Help” effect should not be active now).
  6. The player who finishes the round in the last place receives a second bonus “help token” (in addition to the standard first token). If two players are tied for last place: neither of them gets an extra token.
  7. You can also use the help token in an alternative way: gain (2) project points , or to subtract (4) project points.
  8. The second alternative way to use your help tokens: for 2 help token, you can take over any opponent’s employee from the player who does not have any help tokens.