1) Why are the PL and EN game editions released separately?

“IT Startup – The Card Game” is a niche game with a relatively small printrun, and is mostly popular in Poland. As for today most of the games (about 60-70%) get sold in Poland: popularizing the game worldwide is a slow and tedious process. The project is kind of a sidegig passion project: releasing both the PL and EN version at the same time would be just too overwhelming for a one man side project.

The reason why the game gained popularity on Poland is simple: the game author used to have an active programming themed YouTube channel that was utilized to give the game a local popularity boost.

2) Will the game be translated to other languages?

Currently no. For now it’s just too niche of a project. But if with some luck the game gains popularity, then it should be doable in the future.

3) Is there solo mode for the game?

Yes, but it was added after the original game was already released (originally  designed for 2-4 players). This was due to popular demand to add a solo mode. So a simple solo mode was added.