Changelog – Office Lockdown

What changed in the prototype?

Changelog 26.07.2021 – Office Lockdown

  • Tech Support 2020: new card! Based on the upcoming box art. To make place for the card one copy of “The Very Best Junior Developer” was removed
  • Big Data Robot: added “Help” mechanic. Removed option to pay (1) for additional card effect.
  • Lucky Blockchain Developer: made card effect simpler and more interesting (old effect was not OP, but was kinda boring and a bit to complicated)
  • Job Hopping Recruiter: employee take over can now be counteted by having an odd number of employees
  • HR of Rivia: can now also take over a PM (the main reason here is to make playing a PM more risky, not to boost the power lvl of HR of Rivia)
  • Backend Wizard: added burnout resitance shield
  • Secret Activation Code: now all opponents reveal you their hand (insted of one)
  • Release the Crunch: simplified card mechanic a bit (no longer drawing cards based on HR burnout)
  • Thousand-legged PHP Dev: added 1 efficiency, and turned down card draw mechanic a bit, by making it a HELP mechanic
  • Free Job Market: turned down power level by making the player pay the opponent, and modified the counter option (only the employee take over can be countered, not the whole card effect)
  • Typo fixes, and some better fitting flavor texts.

Changelog 28.06.2021 – Office Lockdown

  • 100% of the cards have now illustrations (instead of placeholders)
  • Time Traveling JS Developer: removed burnout resistance shield, and added 1 efficiency (mostly because the shield don’t looked so good with the card art)
  • HR Schopenhauer: removed (1) burnout resistance shiled, to turn down power a bin. Can now also only target other employees (not himself) in his game mechanic
  • Social Distance Inspector: removed burnout resistance shiled, to turn down power a bit
  • Made some effects on knowledge cards bold and red, to make card effect more readable.
  • Typo fixes, and some better fitting flavor texts.

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